About the Book

Everybody has spots…

A powerful story of self acceptance is told through the fun antics of a group of rescued dogs and one cool cat. When Max has to have his hair shaved, he no longer looks like his friends anymore. After some crazy attempts to hide his secret, he learns through the wise Miss Boo that differences are to be celebrated. Join Max and his friends for a humorous read and a lasting lesson of self esteem for all boys and girls.

Appropriate for ages 2-92! Independent reading for ages 6 – 12

Cast of Characters

One cool cat...And then some!

Cool Cat Sam

One cool cat…And then some!
Elegant, wise and motherly...Respected by all.

Miss Boo

Elegant, wise and motherly…Respected by all.
The old grandpa; has grumpy days...And a heart of gold.


The old grandpa; has grumpy days…And a heart of gold.
The sassy, little sister; Sweet and lovable...Sometimes.


The sassy, little sister; Sweet and lovable…Sometimes.
An energetic, young fellow...Just wanting to fit in.


An energetic, young fellow…Just wanting to fit in.
Big brother, faithful protector, "Fraidy cat" ...But don't tell.


Big brother, faithful protector, “Fraidy cat” …But don’t tell.