Hear from our Readers

  • I believe the book “Maxnificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees” has a beautiful message for children and adults; a message of acceptance.  Max and his friends teach us that it’s okay to be unique and different and that we should celebrate our differences (aka our spots).  

    Thanks for allowing me to share J

    Rena Anderson
    Director, Community Engagement
    Huntsville City Schools
  • What a storyteller Dianne is, the kids were captivated.  There is a great moral to the story…a universal message for all kids.

    Rhonda Swearingen
    Media Specialist
    Robinson Elementary, St. Louis
  • It’s just a book that is top of my list and I look forward to sharing it with other educators and parents and using it myself.  I work at a university and  teach a course using  picture books to help children deal with their issues.  So this will be a new addition to my course.

    Dr. Patricia F. Wood
    Associate Professor and Director, M.S.E. Gifted Education
    Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education, Samford University
  • Oh my dog, I love this book, Maxnificent! and the characters and the drawings, and MAX and all of his spots. …I read this with a kindergarten student of mine in speech therapy. She was just amazed that she and Max had the same problem.  I believe we are your biggest fans!

    Carol Matthews
    Special Education Teacher, Nebraska
  • “Pet Partners of Central New York has added Maxnificent! to our Suggested Reading List for members who are “Read With Me” teams. Those teams go into schools and community libraries to help children that have difficulty with reading learn to love it by reading to our pets. 

       Yet another example where the power of Max’s message of being proud of who you are no matter what is so powerful.  These kids blossom with Maxnificent! and our dogs! ”                              


    Maureen Fekete
    Syracuse NY
  • Cat Kibble Art Preview

    I could not wait to see it.  You have a writing style that is very inviting. I am charmed!

    Tamara O.
    Reviewer - Cat Kibble Art Sneak Peek
  • Cat Kibble Art Preview

    Love it!  I’m ready to order a copy.

    Roxanne P.
    Reviewer - Cat Kibble Art Sneak Peek

Max in the Media

Deb's Bookstore,

Deb Laslie of Deb’s Bookstore, Cullman, AL with Dianne Burch and Maxnificent! to promote the booksigning and pawtographing session on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014. They talk about the common issues that all rescues/shelters share and how Maxnificent was created to help. Interview begins at 11:00 minutes into program.

Pawsitive Radio

Alabama Book Festival Promotion

A Tribute to Max