The Maxnificent! book offers many topics for continued conversation after the story.

We are always interested in helping groups with fundraising ideas for animal rescues/shelters, children’s organizations and a host of other worthwhile organizations.  Lets talk about your ideas or projects.

Max, the real dog and star of this book, loves to visit schools, events and businesses for book signings and activities.

School Visits

We visit schools and perform the book with all the different character voices.

We tailor the after-story discussion based on the group age and interests with a range of topics:

  • Pet care and responsibilities
  • Shelter/Rescue animals – what that means, creative ways to help
  • Friendship, bullying, self-confidence, being different
  • Fun and value of writing, ways it helps with self expression
  • How a story becomes a book – basic steps involved from ideas to a printed book in distribution.
  • Character development for writing – sources of inspiration.

Presentations for Adults

Adult group presentations can be scheduled with or without a full story reading.  Topics for presentations or workshops can be tailored for group interest:

  • Self-publishing basics – how and why we self-published, pros/cons
  • Animal welfare/sheltering issues common in most communities
  • Creative ways individuals and groups are helping rescue pets with limited time, skills, or resources.
  • Reinventing your life in mid-life:  the spiritual journey, the practical journey
  • The value of the human-animal bond:  reasons it should matter to each of us

Games & Activites

We can host a range of games and activities centered around the book theme for events of all kinds.

  • Tic-Cat-Dog™ Trivia Game
  • Coloring Sheets and Word Games based on the book
  • Polka Dot Pitch bean bag toss
  • “I am Maxnificent, too!”  Photo booth